Here’s our yearly Spotify rant!

spotify doesn't pay the rent

Spotify continues to grow despite an almost total disregard for transparency. It’s almost diametrically opposite to the concept of the blockchain, open ledgers and audit trails.

In the spirit of keeping everything as closely related to the blockchain as possible I posted the article on Steemit!

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One thought on “Here’s our yearly Spotify rant!

  1. I think part of the problem is that they have big ‘genre’ radio stations which people flick through, each genre playlist has millions of artists, meaning most artists only get a few plays – even with millions of users, the number of ads they have can never catch up with the cost of streaming all that data all around the world – combining that with needing to pay out the artists signed with major labels and you have a very complex and difficult to maintain set of rules – e.g. max number of pulls of song A per hour, max/min number of ads per hour, and it becomes more and more difficult for them to consider the small time artists, who they know have they fewest plays/least popular.

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