Aurovine/AudioCoin Weekly Bulletin w/e Sep 18th 2016

For immediate release


Our update to the Blackcoin 1.2.2 codebase is proceeding smoothly. Wallets are connecting correctly and we expect a smooth soft fork. Dates and updates to the Github will be communicated asap.


On 16th September Bittrex posted a potential delisting notice. I spoke to them directly and they were primarily concerned with a lack of communication. We’ve agreed to give them regular updates. Volumes look good at the moment so there is no danger of delisting. Bittrex require a minimum volume of 0.2btc per day which is a very small requirement.

ADC Sidechain

We have commenced development work on a pegging module as part of a major music industry project. The new sidechains will run our smart contracts and we will retain IP on the system.

SaaS Projects

Some of you will know that we are in negotiations for a substantial proof of concept project. Meetings, briefs and proposals have already been exchanged. Any information not covered by NDA will be released as soon as possible.


We have recruited some heavyweight creative and music industry professionals to help us develop the potential of Aurovine and AudioCoin. To this end a rebrand is on the cards for 2016 Q4.

We will announce our new team as soon as all names are finalised.


We are in the process of finalising a prospectus for private investors to engage with the company at preferential rates. This will involve access to a private prospectus outlining our plans for the next 12 months and how this will benefit the long term value of AudioCoin. Tranches of 1 million ADC will be made available to these private investors. If you would like to be kept informed or are interested in taking part please email for an invitation.

Aurovine Wallet

We have developed an API system to mitigate hot wallet issues on the Aurovine platform. As soon as the new codebase is live this new system will be activated so that ADC can be traded and earned on the platform

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