Aurovine/Audiocoin Weekly Bulletin w/e Oct 2nd 2016

For immediate release


Our update to the Blackcoin 1.2.2 codebase is now fully tested and will be posted to Github this week.

Download link for Windows wallet now available here
OSX and Linux coming soon.

A list of the extensive updates can be found here.


Annoyingly we appeared on their delisting notice again. After contacting Bittrex Bill i was informed there was probably a mistake at their end. We have now submitted an MNDA to Bittrex so that we can keep them informed of developments.
Furthermore our volume on Bittrex is way over their minimum requirement.

ADC Sidechain

This will now proceed with more haste due to the codebase update.

SaaS Projects

We’ve been asked to modify our proposal and resubmit with more detail. This will be submitted in the next 7 days.

New Team

Our next bulletin will have official confirmation of our new team members


We have an opportunity to invest in ADC for private individuals and community members only. The details will be posted in our slack channel. To join go to

More information will also be posted in the next newsletter this weekend.

Aurovine Wallet

This will now proceed with more haste due to the codebase update.

Enquiries:  Web:  –

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