Audiocoin/Aurovine Weekly Update 13/12/16

Our new company structure BlockPool is now taking shape and we have 4 real world Proof of Concept projects ongoing.

BlockPool has been created to reflect the diversification of the company from the music vertical into a multitude of other businesses and corporations who have demonstrated a need for blockchain based solutions.

In Q1 2017 we’ll have a major ICO and announcement about the full structure and contracts in place.

ADC is continuing to be fully supported and we’ll have good news for ADC holders surrounding the new ICO. We’ve been approached by music industry companies seeking micro applications and ADC provides the bedrock for our proposals in this area.
Our new structure will include sidechain capability to that we can service a multitude of B2B requirements.

B2B blockchain solutions are now our focus under the remit of the BlockPool umbrella. More info at

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