Audiocoin/Aurovine Update 16/1/17

Staking Wallet

Payout for December 2016

0.034 BTC – payout per 1% share = BTC 0.00034 / ADC 76,135 (7613.5 per 1% share)

Every purchase of ADC from the site earned an entry into a draw to win 0.25 btc every month. (This months winner is ha bek – the BTC will be paid in ADC). This is the final month that the draw will be made due to our upcoming ICO.
Stakeholders wishing to transfer ADC into the ICO will be able to use staking wallet ADC at a rate of 1 ADC = 100 BTC satoshis (0.00000100). Full details will be available soon.


Final details are being prepared for the Blockpool ICO and pre-ICO funding is taking place. It is expected that the ICO period will be March-May 2017.


Following changes at Bittrex that sought to maximise their income from coins, we decided to let the coin become delisted as we were not happy with the way the Bittrex exchange was going.
ADC is still available to trade on 3 other exchanges should anyone wish to top up for the impending ICO.

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